In April 2015 NetEvents held the annual Global Press Summit at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, California.

OpenCloud Connect (OCC) Chairman Jeff Schmitz provided the Opening Keynote on “Clear Sailing Ahead for Cloud Interoperability Standards”.

Innovation builds on standards: Think about what Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTML and WiFi have done to create a vibrant platform for modern-day networks and the Internet. The next big industry regatta is the race for cloud computing, which desperately needs standards to fuel the next phase of growth.

View the action-packed, high-energy opening keynote from Jeff Schmitz, chairman of OpenCloud Connect (OCC) as he highlights the thrilling opportunities and perilous challenges facing cloud providers, and shows how OCC is calming the troubled waters with the OpenCloud Reference Architecture, CloudE 1.0 specification and the OpenCloud Project interoperability test bed.