Entries for the Cloud Innovation 2015 prize are pouring in – along with requests for just a few more days. We already extended the deadline for the Clouded Leopards Den to Monday, Feb. 16, but for a couple of good reasons, we have added one more week. The new deadline is Monday, Feb. 23. If you haven’t nominated your favourite cloud startup, don’t delay – enter now.

Do you know the BBC’s Dragon’s Den? Or the Shark Tank television show in the United States? The Clouded Leopards Den 2015 was inspired by those startup funding competitions. We’ve gone one step farther, though: Unlike the TV shows, the winners of the Clouded Leopards Den will be named at a live event, the Global Cloud Innovation Summit, Apr. 23-24 near San Francisco!

Nominees are evaluated in several rounds, first with a panel of expert media judges, and then by a “clouded” group of venture capitalists, technologists and business angels whose names will be released later.

Why the final extension for nominations? First of all, we had set the deadline to be on President’s Day in the United States, and several people wrote to us asking if they could have an extra few days since they were on vacation, or those who needed to approve their nominations were unavailable.

No problem, we can do that.

The other reason is that we had a bit of ambiguous wording on the nomination form, and that confused some applicants. The Clouded Leopards Den is for pre-IPO startups that are leveraging cloud technology. Early on in the process, we decided to offer two prizes, one for the very early stage startups, and the other for later-stage (but still pre-IPO) startups. The way we worded the form, however, led some startups to believe that the Clouded Leopards Den is only for companies currently seeking funding.

Whoops! Our bad! Nominees for the Clouded Leopards Den do not need to be actively seeking new investment. The nomination form has been updated to make this clear. Given the change, however, we wanted to give everyone a little more time.

Again: The final nomination deadline for the Clouded Leopards Den 2015 cloud innovation prize is Monday, Feb. 23. Enter today!

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P.S. For every nomination received for the Clouded Leopards Den 2015, $10 will be donated to the Clouded Leopard Project, which is working to preserve the beautiful, but endangered, Asian big cat.